In this hospital, there are 90 Consultation rooms, with over 20 specialities and well-experienced doctors. The Neat and clean waiting area is also available for a patient’s relatives.

We have 36 deluxe, 4 suites, 76 Double and Triple sharing rooms, as well as 1300 General Beds available where the patient’s relative can also stay and keep their belongings too.

Here we have 139 Intensive care units including 24 Pediatric ICU and Neonatal ICU beds.

There are 32 Operation Theaters with 4 in each floor, of which 8 are Modular OT’s. All the OT’s are equipped with the latest medical devices.

To facilitate easy access inside the hospital for patients and their relatives, we have 22 high-speed lifts which are also fire resistant.

To provide continuous care to patients, 550 resident doctors are provided accommodation inside the hospital.

An auditorium with a capacity of 300 is connected to 32 operation theaters via two-way communication link wherein medical students can watch live operations and also seek clarification if required and also discuss with international doctors during the workshops.

It is the India’s first public hospital in which pneumatic tube system is used. This system can be used to transfer blood sample, urine sample, medicines and investigation reports in just 20 to 40 seconds.

ER Department

SVP is Gujarat’s First Public Hospital with 60 beds in Emergency, which is categorized into

Resuscitation Area which has 10 beds where a patient who is brought into emergency will be assessed initially then as per their general condition they will be shifted to other departments.

Observation Area has 13 beds where patient for day care procedures and those who require observation at least for 4 hours will be shifted.

ERICU has 25 beds wherein emergency cases who require ICU management are shifted.

ER MICU has 12 beds and all medical cases who require ICU management are shifted.

ER also has 4 Operation theatres of which, 3 are general OT’s and 1 is Septic OT.

Septic OT is specially allotted for infected cases to maintain the sterility of the ER area.


SVP is Gujarat’s First public hospital where a modular and largest CSSD Department has been established with 13 latest machines.

Tutner company, which is one of the world’s top three companies known to produce steel sterile instruments has provided equipment for SVP Hospitals’ CSSD department.

In SVP Hospital, CSSD department will be working on barcode system which is linked to HIS.

Blood Bank

SVP is Gujarat’s First Public Hospital which has a capacity to store 6000 blood units and equipped with latest machines.

To transfer the blood samples SVP Hospital uses Pneumatic Tube System. Across the hospital there are around 50 Pneumatic Tube Stations.

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